Yellow Tulip Varieties

Yellow Tulip Varieties


I’m Marcia Tuzzolino owner, designer, and creator of Aurora Designs Jewelry.  I am one of 56 members of B’sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook, who is participating in the Build a Line Challenge sponsored by that group.  Our mentor and master class instructor is Brenda Sue Lansdowne, who is the owner of, a jewelry supply company.  I am very new to blogging and this is my very first Blog Hop.  This is Part One, of three.  I will share a bit about myself and my background, photos of my designs, past and present, and tell you here in Part One, why I chose to participate in this Build a Line Challenge master class.  The Challenge runs from January, 2015, through March, 2015, and there will be two more Blog Hops; Part Two, February 20, and Part Three-Final Reveal, March 20, when we will reveal our completed Line.  We will talk about our journeys and processes as we create our cohesive lines of jewelry (a minimum of five pieces).

That's Me!

That’s Me!

Purple Tulip Variety

Purple Tulip Variety





Bridal Necklace St. Petersburg stitch

Bridal Necklace St. Petersburg stitch


I began making jewelry in 2007 at my local bead shop and started my business, Aurora Designs Jewelry, in 2009.  I have a passion for creating a variety of jewelry, and am now able to do it full time since I retired three years ago.  I have taken many, many, classes in a variety of media, including beading, wire work, soldering, polymer clay and assemblage.  I quickly learned that I have a knack for designing and creating beautiful jewelry using beads, paints, inks, and other materials to alter the color and look of my pieces.  From there, I moved to teaching a few classes of my original designs in beading and wire work.

About two and a half years ago, I joined the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook, at the invitation of one of my friends, and was introduced to the world of mixed media and vintage jewelry and assemblage.  B’sue Boutiques is owned by Brenda Sue Lansdowne, and she teaches free video classes on YouTube.  After ordering some of her high quality, made in the USA, brass components, I watched her video on making assemblage necklaces.  I promptly sat down and made two assemblage necklaces (photos below); one, a Steampunk (I didn’t even know what that was), “Take Time to Smell the Roses”, and a statement period piece, “Going to the Ball”.


Take Time to Smell the Roses

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Going to the Ball Period Piece

Going to the Ball Period Piece











The rest, as they say, “is history”.  I am continuing to grow in my business and creativity, became a member of Brenda’s Design Team (found on her website,, and decided to participate in the Build a Line Challenge.

Components for the Challenge

Components for the Challenge

My Sketch Pad

My Sketch Pad

My Work Table

My Work Table


More Coloring opened Tulip Beads

More Coloring opened Tulip Beads

Pencil Sketches

Pencil Sketches

Design #1 orange red tulip beads

Design #1 orange red tulip beads

Coloring the opened Tulip Beads

Coloring the opened Tulip Beads

Some Swarovski Bling

Some Swarovski Bling



More components for additional designs

More components for additional designs







Have you guessed what I’m doing for my Line?  Yep, it’s TULIP BEADS!!  I love tulips!  They are my favorite flowers and there are over three thousand varieties!!  So, I have four different designs I am going to make for my Line.  You may not recognize them as a standard looking tulip when I am finished, but they will all be made with the TULIP BEADS in different sizes and finishes from  I am manipulating them into different shapes, stacking them, coloring them, and fastening them together, then adding a few other things for variety.  Easily reproduced and changed up quickly for variety…I won’t have three thousand varieties like the tulips in nature, though!  Can you imagine?  Here is a little peek at what I have done so far for Aurora Designs Jewelry‘s Line of Tulips.


Design #1 Colored Tulip Beads

Design #1 Colored Tulip Beads

Design #1 Colored Tulip Beads

Design #1 Colored Tulip Beads

Purple Tulip given to me by my friend, Jann

Purple Tulip given to me by my friend, Jann


These can be made into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and brooches.  I will have at least five pieces in my Line with a color scheme of blues, reds, yellows, and metallic.  Accent colors will be secondary to the primary colors, and include tangerine, purple, green, and cream.  And, any of you who know me, know that I must have some bling in there somewhere!

I will be blogging about my journey through this Design a Line Challenge, as I build my Line.  I will be very appreciative if you will leave comments, follow my blog, reblog, like, tweet, and share my blog with your friends and families.  Thank you for visiting and I look forward to showing you more in our Part Two Blog Hop on February 20.






The BLOG HOP starts HERE:  Please take a look at the blogs of these wonderfully talented jewelry artisans, and like them, share them, comment on them.  I know they will all be very happy that you did!



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I’ve made a couple small changes to my blog in anticipation of my first BLOG HOP next Friday, January 23.


Yellow Tulip Varieties

Yellow Tulip Varieties


Would love for you to take a look and give me some feedback. Thanks a bunch!!



I am so pleased to say that I have been accepted into the BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of http://www.bsueboutiques.  There were sixty (60), spots available, and I am happy to say, as of this posting, that all but four (4), have been filled!!  Tomorrow is the deadline for entry, so hop on board if you are a member of the BBCG, and have a blog already.  Just email Brenda at, and let her know your idea in three paragraphs or less.


I have already begun doing some layout work from my sketches, and am happy with what I am seeing so far.  I can’t show you anything until we have our first blog hop on January 23, which will be the first reveal for everyone who is participating.  It’s going to be VERY exciting to see what everyone has chosen, and I am really looking forward to it.  It will be my FIRST EVER blog hop, so a new experience, also.  Which is one of the biggest reasons I chose to participate in this challenge.  I love learning and challenging myself to get the heck out of my comfort zone.  Do something new, learn something new, keep my mind and hands busy… it’s all good, any way you look at it.

I plan to be kept pretty busy with the BALC, (we are a little like the federal government in this group… we make an acronym out of all the different names we have for things in the group!), but “in my free time” or when I just need a break, we are still having our regular monthly challenges, in which I am going to participate.  For January and February, we are going to take a piece of jewelry that has not sold or that we really don’t like, and rework it into an updated piece.  I have my pieces all picked out already.  Here are the “BEFORE” photos:

MARCIASTABLET - Tulip Bead Necklace, altered, with danglesMARCIASTABLET - Orange and Yellow TulipsMARCIASTABLET - Tulip Bead shoulder duster Earrings, altered






I will post the “AFTER” photos when I have finished reworking the pieces.  That’s it for now.

Have a great week.  Talk to you soon, and please watch for my post on January 23 when I show you what I am doing for my BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE.


P.S.  I love tulips!  They are my favorite flower!!

I’M READY… are YOU??


Name:  check

Blog Name:  check

Blog URL:  check

-My Idea for the BUILD a LINE DESIGN CHALLENGE:  check

-Explanation of IDEA and REASON for choosing it (3 paragraphs or less):  check

-Write an email (draft) to submit to on Jan. 812, 2015:  check

Supplies ordered and received from  check

Sketches and color scheme done:  check





Polymer Clay Embroidery on Silverware Silver Bridal Necklace

Polymer Clay Embroidery on Silverware Silver Bridal Necklace


Out with the OLD, In with the NEW


As we usher out 2014, and welcome 2015, I want to say “thank you” to a few special people in my life.  First, to my husband, Marty, for sticking by me for nearly 30 years.  We’ll reach that milestone anniversary in June, 2015.


Second, my son, Phil, who has given us a beautiful daughter-in-law, Angela, and our amazing granddaughter, Amelie.  They feed my soul.


Third, my family in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I love you and miss you every single day.  I wish we could all afford to visit more often, but such is life.  God willing, I’ll see you all in May, 2015.


Fourth, my extended family here in SoCal.  I love you all, and feel blessed that we met twenty years ago as new neighbors.  We became friends, and now we are family to each other.  I know I can count on you for the great times and the bad.  I don’t have a group photo of us, but will remedy that tonite.

Fifth, my Makering Buddies, Jann Westlake Tague and Irene (Renie) Hoffman.  They both give me great joy and keep me going.  Love them!

Sixth, Brenda Sue Lansdowne and the friends I have made on Facebook through the B’sue Boutiques’ Creative Group. You all keep me challenged, inspired, wanting to learn more, encouraged, and joyful.  A sincere, heartfelt, thanks to each and every one of you.

And lastly, my dogs, who bring me so much joy and laughter every day.  “Dogs are people, too.”


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!
Talk to you in 2015.  ❤

Marcia Tuzzolino
Aurora Designs


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Now that the holidays are almost over, it’s time to start thinking about what is on the horizon… something new and exciting.  It’s a new challenge from B’sue Boutiques’ Creative Group’s founder and our mentor, Brenda Sue Lansdowne.  We are challenged to BUILD a LINE of JEWELRY!!  Brenda is going to give us a master class on how to do this.  She had a very successful line of her own in the 1990s, and now she is going to share her knowledge about how to make that happen.

We will be blogging and blog hopping (nothing to do with bunnies), and this is all very new to me, but I’m jumping in with both feet to see where it leads.  Someplace really good, I’m thinking.  I have my idea for the line I want to create, and I think I have most of my supplies now.  It will be a process of trial and error, as I try to put what is in my head into a real piece of jewelry that someone will want to buy and wear or carry in their store.  I will document the process and post photos of my progress here on my blog.

I hope you’ll find a little time to come visit my blog to see how I’m doing.  Until then…..

I  wish you all a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy New Year filled with many Blessings.

Marcia Tuzzolino

Aurora Designs

It’s in the Eye of the Beholder


These cute little raw brass fish are on a piece that is on my work table for this week.  I’m going to treat them with color so they’ll coordinate with the rest of my assemblage.  I think they are cute and they look like they are smiling as they propel themselves through the water. 

Why, you ask, “the Eye of the Beholder”?  Because these cute little fish are actually a raw brass bird that I turned upside down because I saw the fish.


This is the stamping right side up.  Many of the stampings from can be turned a different way to look like something totally different, or you can find a piece within a piece by cutting the larger piece apart.  Fellow B’sue Boutiques Creative Group member, and artisan, Harry Wood, recently did that to create an awesome looking ring.  Check out on Etsy to see his creations.

WTW, Work Table Wednesday, is tomorrow.  Inspired by someone else in the group, I am going to show you what my REAL creative space looks like.  Stay tuned….

Bye for now.

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