AURORA DESIGNS JEWELRY: BALC 2016, FIRST BLOG HOP, sponsored by B’sue Boutiques



This photo was taken by my cousin’s husband, Dan Henning.  They are gorgeous pink and white tulips…my favorite flower in one of my favorite colors, pink!  These were in their garden last year, and he was kind enough to let me share the photo, here.


B'Sue Boutiques Build A Line Master Challeng Class 2016

I’m baaaaccckkkkk!  Yep, I’m doing the Build a Line Challenge 2016, sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of, fame.  I decided I wanted to learn more about how to grow my business, Aurora Designs Jewelry, and this is the best place to do that, for me.  I am honored to be in the class with 36 others, some of whom are also alumni, and some newbies, and even our leader, Brenda Sue is creating a new line this year.  I’m very excited to see what she will do, as she had a very successful line of her own several years ago.

So, please enjoy reading and hopping along as we begin our journey here.


Part one of my Bloomin’ Tulips Grand Parure in reds and antique silver


A collage of different Bloomin’ Tulips’ designs

These are collages, (we practiced making lots of collages for class this year).  I created a line called “Bloomin’ Tulips” last year, and made the collage of the red tulips, and another one of a variety of designs from the line.  I just love those Tulip Beads, small and large, that B’sue carries on her site!  Creating a collage is a great way to showcase several pieces of your jewelry at once, and it’s how many people who sell on Etsy showcase their jewelry. You can do closeups of a specific part of your pieces so the customer can see the details.  I am still creating new designs for my Bloomin’ Tulips line; for example, this great bracelet/cuff in a vintage style.


Vintage Style matte black and satin matte gold cuff/bracelet with Swarovski crystal center


I made these large sunflower pendant necklaces last fall.  I did my custom coloring on them, and I think they turned out pretty great, don’t you?  My fave is the double one in blue/green/gold.  I added coordinating little spectra bead dangles with a flower bead cap on each one.  They are about 32 inches long, so they didn’t need a clasp…you can just slip them over your head.  I still have them in inventory, if you’re interested.  You can find me on Facebook.


Here I am modeling the finished cuff on my wrist.

I made this cuff last September for the “Change it UP Challenge”, sponsored by B’sue Boutiques.  We were challenged to use a stamping in a totally different and unrecognizable way to create a whole new piece.  This is what I started with:


This is the piece I selected to use for my “Change It Up, Vintage Flair” Blog Hop

Can you find it in my cuff?  I used four of these necktie stampings from!!  Pretty cool, huh?

I heard through the grapevine that brooches were back, so I created a few using resin cabachons that I made and custom colored.  Then, I set them in bezels from B’sue, and embellished them a little bit.  I made most of them convertible, meaning they can be worn as a brooch or add some chain and wear them as a necklace…your choice.  You can see a several in the photo below.


and a couple resin cabachon rings


and a few resin cabachon pendant necklaces


I did a little beading with my “Makering Buddies”, Jann and Renie, and attached the beaded pieces to a B’sue stamping


And I created a few leaf bracelets with a little flower and leaf accent


Which brings me to the REVEAL of my new line for this year’s Build a Line Challenge…….


by Aurora Designs Jewelry

Here are some of the components that will be in my designs.

MARCIASTABLET - Fallin' Leaves Reveal Collage BALC 2016

I haven’t completed anything yet, but wanted to give you all a little teaser for the second Blog Hop, where I will be revealing at least ONE finished piece.  So stay tuned, for February 26, 2016.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my first blog post.  I am ever so appreciative if you’ll leave a word or two in the comment box below the list of my classmates.

Here is a quote that keeps me going when my creative muse can’t be found for a bit, and I think it can apply to so many situations in life.  Don’t give up…Keep going!

Quote for End of Post

I know all my classmates would love for you to click on their links below, and read and comment on their posts, too.  Enjoy the HOP!!  See you in February!

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